Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum Flagpoles
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Product Description

ADH-30..........30 ft. Aluminum Flagpole

LARGE OUTDOOR POLES / Cone-Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles AD-20, AD-25 & AD-30 Poles Shipped with Gold Anodized Ball, Stationary Truck, Flash Collar, Polypropylene Halyard, 9 Cleat and PVC Ground Tube. All other Poles Supplied with Gold Anodized Ball, Flash Collar, Polypropylene Halyard, 9 Cleat, Galvanized Steel Corrugated Ground Socket with Attached Lightning Strike. Internal Halyards May be Added at Extra Cost. Check with Your Dealer. Rich, Natural Satin Finish. Includes all Accessories for Complete Installation Except Flag. H Models have Increased Butt Diameter, Taper and Revolving Truck. All Poles are Supplied with Chrome Plated Bronze Swivel Snap Hooks. I Larger sizes priced upon application. Due to carrier limitations, commercial poles 25 and larger may be shipped in two sections. Once you receive an aluminum flagpole it should immediately be removed from the container and unwrapped to prevent staining.