3' x 5' Nyl-Glo Georgia State Flag 100% Nylon

3' x 5' Nyl-Glo Georgia State Flag 100% Nylon
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Product Description

Adopted in 2001, the new Georgia state flag is the most recent of all the fifty states. A yellow ribbon stretches across the bottom of the blue field displaying the five flags that have flown over Georgia between 1776 and 2001 displaying the title "GEORGIA'S HISTORY." On the far left of the ribbon is the Betsy Ross thirteen star flag and the current fifty star U.S. flag is on the far right, with three state flags of the past between them. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is below the ribbon; the Georgia state seal is above. Thirteen stars representing the original thirteen colonies encircle the seal.

Annin state flags are made from 100% SolarMax nylon. This material, developed especially for the flag industry, is engineered to resist damage from the sun's UV rays.

Annin's outdoor state flags are stocked in sizes 12 X 18 inches, 2x3 ft., 3x5 ft., 4x6 ft., 5x8 ft., and 6 X 10 ft.

Larger outdoor sizes are available through our custom department.

Indoor flags with pole sleeve and gold fringe are available in sizes 3x5 ft. and 4x6 ft.