3' x 5' FT Alabama Nyl-Glo State Flag

3' x 5' FT Alabama Nyl-Glo State Flag
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Product Description

3 X 5 FT Alabama Nyl-Glo State Flag

* Made to Official State Design Specifications

* 100% Heavyweight SolarMax Nylon

* Strong Duck Heading and Large Brass Grommets

* Durable and Fast Drying

* 8 X 12 Ft State Flags Are Available Allow 3 Weeks For Delivery

The flag of Alabama is a reminder of the Confederate Battle Flag used during the Civil War. The current flag was adopted in 1895 and is a crimson cross on a white field. Although it is square, law does not lay down the dimensions. The state governor's flag is almost identical, except for carrying the state seal in the top triangle and the state crest, a boll of cotton, in the lower one.

The flag of Alabama also has its own official salute, much like the Pledge of Allegiance but much shorter: "Flag of Alabama I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, and my life."

Annin state flags are made from 100% SolarMax nylon. This material, developed especially for the flag industry, is engineered to resist damage from the sun's UV rays.

Annin's outdoor state flags are stocked in sizes 12 X 18 inches, 2x3 ft., 3x5 ft., 4x6 ft., 5x8 ft., and 6 X 10 ft.

Larger outdoor sizes are available through our custom department.